Sunday, 2 February 2014

The beautiful effects of Alcohol

Last Friday, Aquarellista Cathie van der Stel and I hosted a 'Masterclass Aquarelle'. With an enthusiastic group of experienced watercolorists, we experimented with all kinds of materials next to our regular paint.
We used W&N and Schmincke watercolour paint, and Archers 300 and 185 grams paper, and we also prepared salt, masking fluid, cling film, sugar, soap, rice, coffee, granulation medium, pencil shavings, sanding paper, combs, knives, forks, sponges, tea and alcohol. Just to name a few. Well, although we had all day, we didn't manage to use everything, but everybody got to try out some of the stuff and it must be said that everybody positively loved what alcohol does!
The remark most heard that day, even by the teetotallers was 'I love Alcohol'.
Here's why:

Tiny to small drops of alcohol, added with a pipette to wet paint wil give circular shapes in the colour of the paper, attracting pigment to the inside. There is not so much control (yet) but the effect was magic, and very suitable for paintings of the universe! Every time someone tried it they were thrilled. More results:

If you are looking for some surprising effect I am sure you will love to give this one a go! We used 'household' alcohol, the non-drinkable variety, administered in small drops, to wet paint...
Next post: spice up your watercolours with salt...

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