Sunday, 2 August 2015



You may have heard it on the radio, or read it in Nice Matin: From 3 - 31 August, Eleven Hangar Aquarellistas have a beautiful exhibition of their amazing watercolours in the mairie of La Roquette. The work is selected on quality and beauty, hence the title 'Festin pour les yeux' (or 'eye candy').
Participants are Cathie van der Stel, Sandra Seymour-Dale, Edith Alborni, Agnès McLaughlin, Liz Douglas, Avril Howard, Costanza Rock, Beverly Ellsley, Patience Devas, Brenda Moorhouse and yours truly - Marina Kulik

The exhibition is open every day from 8am - 4pm and there is a vernissage on Friday 7 August from 6.30pm.You can look forward to seeing works like these - and many more...

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