Monday, 17 April 2017


 Patience is back after almost half a year - but she hasn't forgotten how-to and immediately created a fantastic jar with pasta in a combination of watercolours and pen

Last week we painted glass jars filled with herbs, grains and pastas. It worked out superwell as you can see above and below!

 Tana's bottles, not finished but they do smell great already

 This is going to be a still life with many jars and bottles. Not easy! Luckily Carol's painting it, I'm certain she'll nail it...

André's excellent still life - looking so pure and simple

Same for Celina, who added her personal touch, rhythm and light to these bottles with herbs and spices

And from our correspondent in Brittany, Michele C, this outstanding row of jars with fresh homemade confiture... Particular: she painted this on Monday, when she didn't know that we were going to paint jars en groupe!!

Michele F worked on a free subject and chose a difficult pair of prunes. She put a lovely border around it. Borders are her thing, Love it

And then these awesome milk jars by Cathie (who else?!) She experiments with textures, and it is working out as you can see from the rust as well as the wood!

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