Monday, 24 April 2017

Stones & Pebbles

Great subject revisited: stones & pebbles... for the still life we made them wet (NB: I also varnished the stones to make them shiny). Of course it was a lot of work and not everyone has finished! Above the really good start of André, Celina and Elia! They used masking fluid for the highlights and I'm sure their stones will be amazing when finished... Will be shown next post. And then of course there are the fast painters! Patience brought 2 family members and, like herself, they were incredibly clever with pencil, brush and paint:
Annabel painted this powerful image. Shiny stones, a leaf -but most of all a very good composition! I love it, especially when you realise that watercolours are new to her!

Same still life, other interpretation, this is Sophie's version. more realistic and with a soft, gentle touch. Sophie is also new to watercolours but must have drawing experience: below is the umbrella she quickly sketched outside! great subject - and here in double role of Arabic prince!

The wet stones by Patience - original as ever and clever use of the symmetry - and then a background to break it and confuse the mind! I see a palm leaf...  She also found a board with a well-preserved mosquito stuck on it. She honoured him with humor and talent by creating this Picasso-style impression of the still life!

Ongoing projects...


Speaking about stoned - She's near-finished, Sandra's Janis Joplin!! I love the white spirit -with warm fuzzy thoughts

Carol has quite a challenge with these pasta jars and when she picked it up to continue she hated it (a little bit) (very recognizabe) But she persevered and look where it is now!! One more afternoon I estimate and it will be excitingly beautiful - imagine having that in your kitchen...

And here's an other super still life! Liz was genuinely surprised that we were all so enthusiastic about this, it is quite different from what she normally paints - but despite the big white surface and the delicate colours, it has a great strength. Sometimes it is more important what you leave out...

In the meantime in Bretagne... it is not as sunny as here, but Michele (our Breton correspondent) used it as inspiration for a lovely, heartwarming aquarelle!

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