Monday, 8 May 2017

Cherry Picking

New week, new subject: we placed a row of mirrors on the middle of the table and set up small still lives. A fantastic coincidence was that there were gorgeous cherries left over from lunch! We put them on the mirrors and voilà! I am ashamed of the bad quality of my pictures, but the talent in the paintings is still unmistakable:
 There is more than one way to suggest reflection in a painting. But the most important is that the reflected subject has a slightly different colour, and the highlight is slightly darker...

The styles are so different - yet they all look fabulous in their own special way!
 Amazing and somehow lighthearted variation
Very thorough and well-painted version

No reflection, but still so beautiful, these plums!

and how about the shiny stones, so delicate and well done

 And how about Janis Joplin, now finished! The painting is great looking - and there are so many layers and surprises in it... I sure hope it will be in the Theoule exhibition...

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