Monday, 29 May 2017

Paintings in Progress

A relaxed Tuesday watercolour-afternoon - with many different works in progress! 
Always interesting to see what everyone comes up with

Cathie is working on the amazing texture of old leather suitcases. I love the smiling one (not yet finished). Sandra and I also found a hidden cartoon-beaver in this painting! Do you see it?

Michele has finished all starters exercises and is doing well with the advanced painting-group. Also, she is taking time to document the things she discovers! Such a good idea... It is now officially part of the actual program, thank you Michele!
Here's Michele's painting in progress... a typical 'wet-in-wet' landscape.

Romantic Roses by Tana - also a big compliment for the transparency of vase and water!

 Here's the next profile photo of our Facebook page - an 'inbetweeny' by Anna Karin. Like with the previous version, the background is so deep and far! And it is abstract. Well done, love it.

 Anna Karin is in clearly in natural abstraction mode! Here her 'Slot Canion' and below the predecessor of our Facebook profile picture... Interesting!
Brigitte worked on a second transparency exercise, also very seriously doing the 'solvège' for colours!
It was great to see Vanessa again. She worked hard and smart on olives and lavender - to be used as decoration of menu cards for a wedding. Bougainville and Oleander coming up, for the other tables...

Sylvie created the second version of her lion, this one (not yet finished) will be much more light and sensitive...

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