Monday, 20 November 2017

Autumn Leaves

A still life (with Ikea bowl) and inspiring pictures: our subject du jour was 'Autumn leaves' and everyone did their best to create the atmosphere that goes with the season!
One day Anna-Karin will exhibit a series of delicate paintings with Ikea bowls. This is a new one - not yet finished but impressive already!

It hardly ever happens, but with this painting by Elia it does: the picture is much less good than the painting; Somehow the brilliant, vibrant and deep 'Peacock Blue' background looks like normal blue!

 Michele C painted a fantastic autumny leaf on a typical birch background

Not quite finished - and a bad photo by yours truly - but this is going to be a very good aquarelle, with a lovely composition, of Sylvie D. I promise a better pic in next post!

Carol is still insecure if this will work out - but I'm confident it will! Just persevere and it will be absolutely fantastic - in true soft and romantic Carol-style

Agnès  created this awesome watercolour! So well executed - and very atmospheric! 
More of her work on her own blog hobbysketcher

Excellent work by Jane - you see the leaf slowly gliding down

Our new Aquarellista Agnieszka enthusiastically working on her painting.. Starting very light, and slowly building it up until it is perfectly balanced...

Cathie working on a new masterpiece with her signature 'one-hair brush'

And Cathie's first  tubes-painting is done! I am so happy that she persevered, it is gorgeous!

Sandra just started a new 'Essence' painting. She has not yet concentrated on the resemblance but the make up of the right eye might give you an idea

 Michele also finished her Cells-watercolour. It is SO 3-D now!! Very well done, big compliment

 And Elia tweaked the Halloween painting with a bit of realistic dark shadow, and a spiderweb. I post this for therapeutic reasons of course  😜

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